August 1, 2020

Pamelia Stickney

Pamelia Stickney is our guest this week. Who is Pamelia Stickney, you may ask? Well smartypants, she’s a virtuoso on the theramin. She’s so good, in fact, that Bob Moog asked her to help him design HIS version of the theramin!

She tells us how she began playing the instrument, what affects it when you play (like being licked by a puppy), and since she moved to Austria, how to travel with it. She also talks about taking this wild, futuristic instrument that has been the soundtrack to countless sci-fi movies, into new territories by using effects pedals and other tricks. She’s played with some amazing artists, as well; like Yoko Ono, David Byrne, Bela Fleck, and so many more.

You guys have to check out her website, There are all kind of clips and information there, including a link to her Facebook page. And explore her Soundcloud page at Check out our socials @PerformanceAnx or Performance Anxiety on Facebook. Give us a review. It might get read on a show if it’s 5 stars. Now we’re gonna ring ya, Pamelia Stickney!

Elizabeth McCullough records as Alpha Cat. But this show is about more than just her music. Elizabeth began her career in music as a photographer. She transitioned to recording artist in the late 90’s. But after a series of personal & professional setbacks, she suffered a breakdown while recording Alpha Cat’s second LP. The breakdown was so severe that she researched and contemplated suicide for twelve years while going to therapy. It was only after her therapist passed away that Elizabeth realized how much she had helped her. With that in mind, Alpha Cat is offering a recording of a live show for $2 from The proceeds are being donated to Bring Change To Mind & Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation. Follow Alpha Cat and us on IG. Pick upi Alpha Cat’s latest album on Bandcamp for a reduced price. Now let’s get right into the show with Elizabeth McCullough of Alpha Cat.

Today’s episode features a legacy bassist who has earned his success. Jack Bates began his career playing in Peter Hook & The Light. Peter Hook is the bassist for both Joy Division & New Order. Jack is his son and his career has consisted of playing 3 hour shows ever since! He now plays bass for The Smashing Pumpkins. He tells us what it’s like to grow up playing bass when your dad is a legend on the instrument. He also discusses how he met Billy Corgan and how he began playing for the Pumpkins. Give him a follow on IG @jackbates_music, because he’s been going live once a week with his dad, and they’re hilarious together! Follow us @PerformanceAnx. You know what else you gotta do. Subscribe, rate, review, & share. And enjoy this theme song because Jack wrote it. Thanks Jack!

This show features Ben Harrison. Ben is a unique guest. He has released his second album as the band Stutter Steps. But he’s also curator for the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA. Through his job and his music, he’s had the opportunity to work with Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips of Dean & Britta, Luna, & Galaxie 500. Ben talks about the great Sound Series at the museum and what he does as a curator.

He also talks about how the new Stutter Steps album differs from the debut and the role that Anthony LaMarca from The War on Drugs and St. Vincent had on the music. Follow Stutter Steps & the Andy Warhol museum on social media. Follow us @PerformanceAnx. I would love to see some new reviews, regardless of where you post them. Now let’s jump right into the show with Ben Harrison of Stutter Steps.

This show is about Easy Love. It’s not what you think. Easy Love is a project by Justine Brown. We talk about how she got into music and her first band, Summer Twins. After ten years in a band with her sister, she decided to branch out and write her own music, using some difficult personal experiences for inspiration. She talks about struggling to stay organized, having demo-itis, and something called DeerGoo. Easy Love’s second album is out and it’s a great summer listen. Check it out on Bandcamp, Spotify, and all the other platforms. Follow Justine @easylovemusic. Follow us @Performanceanx. Subscribe, rate, review, spread the word, and relax with a little Easy Love.

July 7, 2020

Dearly Beloved

This show features the band Dearly Beloved. The band’s mainstays are Rob Higgins and Niva Chow. Rob grew up in the presence of great music. He started going to Rush concerts while he was still in single digits and hanging out with his uncle, Geddy Lee. After the death of his father, Rob really wanted to just make music with people he loved. That was 14 years ago and the beginning of Dearly Beloved. But there’s a lot more in this show; like the time Rob toured with Our Lady Peace and had four days to learn all the keyboard parts on paper towels. There’s the time his arm blew up. And how about the time Dearly Beloved recorded an entire album and forgot about it? Well, they’ve recently released a new album called Times Square Discount that they haven’t forgotten about. It’s a really wild album. Check it out on bandcamp or wherever you get your music nowadays. Follow the @thebeloveds on social media. Follow their bird, Bruce Lee @bruceleebeverlyhillsbird on IG. He’s relentless. But this show is pretty chill. Check out Rob Higgins & Niva Chow here on Performance Anxiety.

This show features bassist & lap steel guitarist, Dana Schechter. When we recorded this, she was staying in Berlin after cutting a tour short for her band Insect Ark. She talks about how wild it was for the band and the crew. Someone may have had to sneak back into their home country, but that’s all I’m saying about that right now. Dana talks about growing up in the early 80’s Bay Area metal scene, driving around and hanging out with Cliff Burton; and how his death really made her focus on bass. She also talks about some incredible bands she’s been a part of, like Gifthorse, Angels Of Light, and Swans and the difficulties of being an independent artist. She’s recently released a new album by Insect Ark but it wasn’t easy. If you like heavy, instrumental music, buy it! Follow Dana @insectark. Follow us @performanceanx. Subscribe, rate, review, share. Without further adieu, here’s Dana Schechter

June 30, 2020

The Vacant Lots

This episode I’m joined by Jared Artaud & Brian MacFadyen, AKA The Vacant Lots. They are definitely the coolest band from Burlington, VT. After realizing they had this great connection, they started writing and playing, and working with some incredible people. They formed a tight bond with Alan Vega of Suicide, Dean Wareham of Galaxie 500, Sonic Boom, Anton Newcombe of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. They tell me how they manage to play they music live as a duo and still keep the depth. And they have a new album out called Interzone. Pick it up from Fuzz Club records or wherever you buy music nowadays. Follow the band @thevacantlots. Follow us @PerformanceAnx. Subscribe, rate, review, & share. And I’d like to thank Leah Shapiro for bringing  Jared & Brian into the Performance Anxiety family.

June 23, 2020

Fabio Brienza (Varaha)

This week’s guest is Fabio Brienza of Varaha. He moved from Rome as a teenager and found his musical community in Chicago. He compares and contrasts the metal scene in Rome to the scene in Chicago. He also has a background in film and we discuss how writing Varaha’s music is a lot like making a film. There’s tension and release necessary in both to be successful. He also tells me how he incorporates orchestral elements like strings and brass into metal. Check out there epic work at, prosthetic records, bandcamp, or wherever you buy music. Follow Varaha on social media for news. Follow us @PerformanceAnx. Subscsribe, rate, review, share. And now let’s give a warm, virtual welcome to Fabio Brienza of Varaha.

KatieJane Garside’s journey into music is a lot different than most. Unless, of course, you know another artist who spent their formative years sailing the world, spending literally years at sea. Then it turns out that she was discovered by legenday producer Glyn Johns. Her first productive band, Daisy Chainsaw, resulted in Courtney Love calling her one of the original Riots Grrrls. From Daisy Chainsaw through Queen Adreena, her music was unmistakable. And even when she met her longtimetime partner Chris Whittingham and changed gears to a quieter sound with Ruby Throat, it was just as intense. Now KatieJane and Chris have plugged back in with Liar, Flower and combined those sounds into something really unique. Check out the new Liar, Flower album, Geiger Counter on One Little Indian. Follow her social media @garsidekatiejane. Follow us @PerformanceAnx. Subscribe, rate, review, share. I really want to make a terrible sailing pun right now, but I’ll stop myself while you check out the show with KatieJane Garside of Liar, Flower.

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