September 20, 2019

Janet LaBelle

This week’s show features singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Janet LaBelle. If you ever wanted to know about mysterious lyrics, Flying V’s, getting a record deal in your teens, or playing guitar on roller skates, this episode is FOR YOU!

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For this week's show we go way down south to bayou country with Louis Michot. He’s cousins with previous guests The Rayo Brothers.  He joins us on location from a local bar. Louis goes deep into Cajun and Creole history. What makes the music so unique? He’s grown up in it, starting in his father’s band, Les Freres Michot and progressing through to Lost Bayou Ramblers & Poguetry In Motion with original Pogue, Spider Stacy. Louis describes winning a Grammy and what it means to Cajun music. There is a new documentary and accompanying live album featuring LBR. Check it out. Follow LBR on Social Media. Follow us @PerformanceAnx. Buy merch @ Subscribe, rate, & review.

September 6, 2019

Ian Everett (Solid Bronze)

This week we feature Ian Everett of the band Solid Bronze. Their debut album, The Fruit Basket, is an incredible throwback to 70’s funk, so much so that I even used my funk voice in the intro! Who is the funk all-star who made a guest appearance? There’s also some incredible horn work from Morphine sax man, Dana Colley.

This Steely Dan-esque album took over a year to make. And in that time, Ian created some great stories and memories that he shares with us, including the story behind the name. Follow them on Facebook & IG @solidbronzeband

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This episode features Alexa Hunter. She sang for Disturbed Furniture in the late 70’s/early 80’s. After playing some of the most famous clubs in NY, she left for California to pursue other endeavors. But when an exhibit at the MOMA used some of her footage of the band playing in these clubs, it sparked a renewed interest in Disturbed Furniture.

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Jay Aston’s GLJ is on tour and Jay spent his day off speaking with me about his influences, touring with The Alarm & Modern English, The Madden video game curse, and how they’ve been affected by the Universal Music vault fire. Follow Jay Aston’s GLJ on social media. Follow us @PerformanceAnx on Twitter & IG

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Here’s a very mobile Jay Aston.

August 23, 2019

Scarlet Page

This week’s show features another person on my dream list of interviews. Scarlet Page may have grown up as Jimmy Page’s daughter, but she has made her own mark in the world of music photography. And we talk about both those worlds. She’s photographed so many of my favorite artists like The Smashing Pumpkins, The Verve, The Mars Volta, King Crimson, & of course, her dad. Her project Resonators is now being shown in South America. Check out her work at & @scarletpage on IG. And check out her jewelry at

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This episode of Side Projects features Mark Feldman. Mark & I discuss what it takes to turn your artistic passion into a career. Mark has done it as a professional drummer, instructor, music executive and entrepreneur. We hit on concepts such as the practice and dedication to your art, getting help, financial investments, sunk costs, using SEM/SEO, and how marketing has changed over the last 25 years.

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August 16, 2019

Ken Kurson (The Lilacs)

This week’s show features founding member of The Lilacs, Ken Kurson. There’s some discussion about family issues, college disappointments, working with Richard Lloyd of Television, the value of trade schools & EP’s, Bozo serendipity…and the new EP by The Lilacs.

This week we feature singer for Exodus/Generation Kill/Fragile Mortals and VW restoration artist, Rob Dukes. He used to get drunk a lot. Then he got sober. THEN all the crazy stuff started happening. This show is full of rock bands getting kicked off airplanes, getting pulled over in Germany, firing people, and finding what really makes you happy. I enjoyed talking with Rob. Give him a follow on SM. Check us out @PerformanceAnx. Merch at Subscribe/rate/review. Without further ado, Rob Dukes

August 3, 2019

Richard X. Heyman

This week’s show features prolific pop artist, Richard X Heyman. He started with the fabled, raucous NJ garage band, the Doughboys, moved to drumming for artists like Brian Wilson & Link Wray, and has been using a DIY approach to releasing his own music since 1988! And it turns out, he has nothing to do with Smokey Robinson. That’ll make sense in a few minutes. Check out his new album, Pop Circles. Follow him on social media. Give us a follow too, @PerformanceAnx. Subscribe, rate, & review. And get some merch Here’s NJ’s own, Richard X Heyman

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