May 29, 2020

Chris Traynor (Bush)

This week we welcome the guitarist for Bush, Chris traynor, to the show. He gives us a little of his musical history with Orange 9mm, Helmet, and his seven degrees of Band of Susans. He tells me why, at one point in his career he was over electricity and how his OCD got him into faux painting. After that we get down to his almost 20 year connection with Gavin Rossdale and Bush. Chris gives updates on Bush, his work with Grey Daze, and how he’s working with newer bands like BRKN LOVE. Follow Bush @bush and follow Chris @ct3guitar. Follow us @PerformanceAnx and let’s get right into this show with Bush’s Chris Traynor.

Billy Gould joins us this week. You know him as the bassist from Faith No More. We talk a bit about the history of the band and some of the other projects he’s been involved in, like Shandi’s Addiction and Brujeria. But he’s also one of the creative forces behind The Talking Book. They’ve just released their second album and Billy spends some time discussing how he and Jared Blum created the band and the music. It’s a great album. The music is cinematic and expansive. Pick it up now at Koolarrow Records because the vinyl is limited to 500 copies. And give us a follow @PerformanceAnx. Check out Billy Gould and Talking Book.

Anthony Pateras is our guest this week. He’s an experimental composer from Australia. He explains how he got into this style of music and what makes it experimental. That leads to a discussion on what “prepared piano” is. He’s collaborated with some great artists, including Mike Patton, Erkki Veltheim, & Will Guthrie in the band tetema. Their killer new album is out and  Anthony explains what tetema means. I shouldn’t have been surprised by the answer. Pick up the new album on whatever platform you normally would. Follow us @PerformanceAnx. Anthony and I laughed a lot doing this. You will, too. Fair Dinkum.

This show is different from anything I’ve done before. I reached out to several former guests of the podcast and asked if they would be willing to talk for just a few minutes about how COVID-19 has affected their professions. I’m joined by people from a wide variety of creative careers.

There’s guitarist Buck Curran, who lives at the European epicenter of the virus, Bergamo, Italy. I’m also joined by Miki Berenyi and Moose McKillop of Lush, Moose, and Piroshka; Chef Celina Tio of Top Chef, Iron Chef America & her restaurant, The Belfry; Gaby Alter who writes musical theater; Allen Epley of The Life and Times and The Blue Man Group; Leon McKenzie of SureSports; Writer & guitarist for The Lilacs, Ken Kurson; and road veteran, singer/songwriter/guitarist Morgan Geer. I’d like to thank them all for giving me more of their time and for their candor. We start off with Buck Curran from Bergamo, Italy.

Intro and Interstitial music by Buck Curran. Exit music by Drunken Prayer

This episode was so much fun. I’ve been a big fan of Astronoid for a while. So when singer/guitarist Brett Boland said he was cool coming on the show, I was pumped. It turns out we’re practically the same person. Only Brett can sing, play guitar, bass, & drums. And I can’t. Other than that, though…same. We make up some new metaphors, talk about weird songwriting influences, and running away from your favorite bands. Pick up the music, follow them on social media @astronoid. Follow us @PerformanceAnx.

This week I speak with Erik Sanden. He performs with the bands Buttercup and Demitasse. We talk about the performance art side of playing live. Sometimes it’s inspirational. Sometimes you get hot boxed. Erik tells me how and why Demitasse grew from Buttercup and which song took over 20 years to record. They have some beautiful videos done by Emmy award winning filmmaker, Alejandro de Hoyos. You can find everything at & Follow us @PerformanceAnx. Now relax and get ready for the happiest sad music you’ve ever heard with Eric Sanden.

Our guest this week is Zachary Vex of ZVEX Effects. But this show isn’t about how a fuzz pedal differs from a distortion pedal. It’s about the road to creating something really unique. And then trying to market and sell it. There is a lot here for tech geeks, but there’s also a lot here for people who like stories about being successful with your creativity and turning a passion into a business without losing the fun part of it all. It’s also about Tesla coils & burritos. Follow Zvex effects @zvexeffects on instagram. Go to hear some wild demos. And let’s get started with Zachary Vex

This week we feature Sean Dowdell. Sean is a very successful entrepreneur, innovator, and author. He changed the face of body art with his renowned Club Tattoo. But before all of that, he was the drummer for the band Grey Daze. Another band member was the late Chester Bennington. Prior to his passing, Chester had announced the band’s reformation. To honor Chester, the band decided to complete the project. It’s a touching story and I’m so glad Sean joined me to tell it. Please follow the band on social media to get album release information. You can also check out @PerformanceAnx to follow us. Thanks again Sean, for telling this story.

April 21, 2020

Buck Curran (Arborea)

This week’s guest is Buck Curran. For a decade he played as part of the psych-folk duo Arborea. He struck out on his own and has released a new solo album, No Love Is Sorrow. Currently, Buck and his family are living in Bergamo Italy, which is the epicenter of the COVID-19 virus in Europe. So Buck tells me a lot about the new album and what’s behind many of the songs on the album. But, as a touring musician in Europe, he gets pretty  candid about how the current lockdown situation is impacting his family. If you like the music, please consider picking up his work on Bandcamp, Apple Music, or wherever you purchase your downloads. Look for him on social media so you can see when he’s able to tour both Europe and North America again. Now let’s jump right into Buck Curran.

This week I speak with Allen Epley. At this point, I’d normally tell you what band he plays with. But there’s so damn many! Shiner, The Life and Times, Broasis, Birdhands, The Blue Man Group. And that’s just what he’s working on NOW. He also hosts a great podcast called Third Gear Scratch that talks with working artists about how they balance their creative lives with everyday life. Keep an eye on his IG account @alienepilepsy to stay up with everything he’s involved in. Follow us @PerformanceAnx on Twitter & IG. We join our conversation with Allen Epley already in progress.

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