February 21, 2020

Fynn Grabke (The Picturebooks)

Fynn Grabke, one half of The Picturebooks, joins us on this episode of Performance Anxiety.  They’re a badass rock band with the badass stories to go with it. Fynn toured with his dad as a kid as he opened for Bon Jovi. This was before his dad was the victim of a hit & run in the California high desert (he survived).He also discusses how his panic attacks have influenced his songwriting and how boundaries increase creativity. Oh yeah, there’s also the times he ate vegan pizza with Sting in Oslo and got shot in an Albuquerque drive by. I’m a fan and Chrissie Hynde is a fan (so much so that she appears on the new album). Give them a shot & you’ll be a fan, too. Follow The Picturebooks on social media. Follow us @performanceanx. Now let’s hit the road with Fynn Grabke of The Picturebooks.

Today we speak with the enigma, Ian Ottaway (note I said ENIGMA, not Enema, Ian!). He’s done everything. He’s hung out with Jeff Buckley, he writes poetry, he’s Ask iAN on the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club website, and he’s releasing an album, including a track with Mark Lanegan. He’s possibly the most unique & original person I’ve ever had on the show, he makes me want to have a deeper voice. And I’m glad I can call him a friend. Check out Ask iAN on blackrebelmotorcycleclub.com for more info on his upcoming album. Follow us @performanceanx. Subscribe, rate, review, & share this! Now I’m gonna shut up so you can enjoy Ian Ottaway.

February 12, 2020

Chris Maxwell (Skeleton Key)

This week’s guest is Chris Maxwell. He’s lived more musical lives than most. Starting off on a guitar with no strings, he moved on to the pop band The Gunbunnies. Then moved to NYC and got a job booking acts for the famous club, The Knitting Factory. From there he joined the alternative scene with the band Skeleton Key. After one, critically acclaimed album, he moved on to the world of TV music, recording themes for Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, & Bob’s Burgers, among others. He’s back to writing music for himself and has a new album out soon. But he’s not your typical singer-songwriter. So check out New Store Number 2. Follow GoatHouse Studios on social media. Follow us @performanceanx. Subscribe, rate, review, share, and get a load of Chris Maxwell!

This week we welcome Jack of all trades, Wharton Tiers. He’s done it all in the studio: recorded, produced, arranged, and engineered his own music as well as music from Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, Quicksand, and hundreds of other bands. He’s recorded as the Wharton Tiers Ensemble, Superduperlooper, Aurora. 23, and with No-Wave legends Theoretical Girls and A Band. He gives us a glimpse of New York in the early 80’s and how he started Fun City Studios where Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr recorded some of their classic albums. Follow him on Facebook, check out his music on bandcamp, remember to follow us @performanceanx &  subscribe, rate, review, & share this show!  Now let’s jump right into Wharton Tiers.

January 31, 2020

Andre Leo (Medicine Boy)

Have you ever heard a band that just seems to connect with you and you can’t pinpoint the reason? You just hear them and say, “YES!”? One of those bands, for me, is Medicine Boy. They hail from Capetown, South Africa originally, although they now live in Berlin. Andre Leo joins me and talks about the sounds and the feelings of Medicine Boy. The music isn’t technically complex. It’s emotive. It’s atmospheric. It’s delicate. It’s bombastic. Sometimes in the same song. Check them out on bandcamp, or on social media @medicineboy. Check us out @PerformanceAnx. Subscribe, rate review, share, and enjoy Andre Leo of Medicine Boy on Performance Anxiety.

January 24, 2020

Four Stroke Baron

This week we’re joined by Kirk Witt, Keegan Ferrari, & Matt Vallarino of Four Stroke Baron. I’m really excited about these guys because they sound like two of my favorite bands combined, but you’ll have to listen to find out who. They tell me how they discovered their unique sound and what happened when they contacted Jørgen Munkeby of Shining about a sax solo. How did Keegan almost get left behind in Poland? And what exactly is a Four Stroke Baron?  They’ve got some cool new music in the works. Follow them on social media to get the news. Follow us @PerformanceAnx. Subscribe, rate, review, & share. Let’s get things moving with Four Stroke Baron.

This week we feature the group Hackedepicciotto. If that sounds familiar, it could be for a few reasons. Danielle dePicciotto was a guest on an earlier show. Or maybe you recognize Alexander Hacke, from Einstruzende Neubauten (I apologize to Alexander & Danielle for STILL not pronouncing that very well). We cover a lot of ground in this show, just like Alex & Danielle do in their daily lives; they’re literal nomads. They both have extensive, distinguished careers in music & art. So how did Nick Cave bring them together? What do Portishead & Beyonce mean to them? More importantly, how is their new album, The Current, a bit different from their previous work. Follow them @hackedepicciotto on social media. Follow us @PerformanceAnx. Subscribe, rate, review, share. You know you wanna. Now let’s get a little crazy with hackedepicciotto.

January 10, 2020

Emily Jane White

This week we speak with Emily Jane White. We go back to her dad’s days in the Merchant Marines and the time she got to travel with him, moving to France for her music, and playing some surf-punk. Emily talks about the underlying (and often unconscious) themes that develop during songwriting and how literature is as much of an influence as music. If you like your music dark & mysterious, this show is for you. Her new album is out so check it out on bandcamp or her website emilyjanewhite.net. Give her a follow on social media. Follow us @PerformanceAnx. Subscribe, rate, review, & share. Now let’s learn a little about Emily Jane White

January 3, 2020

Obi Nwankwo

This week’s show features actor, model, long distance runner, & business owner Obi Nwankwo. He broke records in track at Boston College, moved to LA and began acting & modeling. Obi not only discusses how he got into the business, but he also discusses weird auditions, like the time he had to quack like a duck for a part. He gives us info on some new projects he’s involved in, how to dress like him, & how athletics helps him with his acting. Follow him on social media @itsobinwankwo. Follow us @PerformanceAnx. Merch is at performanceanx.threadless.com. Subscribe, rate, review, & spread the word. Now let’s get into Obi Nwankwo.

This episode of Side Projects is my Introduction to the band Swans. Founder Michael Gira was recently a guest and I did my first deep dive into the band for that show. But with the amount of material in their catalog, there was no way to absorb everything in enough time for that interview. It was a bit intimidating. That’s why I asked Steve Tulipana from Season To Risk to join me. He’s been a fan since the 80’s. Now neither of us claims to be a Michael Gira or Swans expert. This is all about jumping off points. Steve gives me some suggestions of albums to start with, starting points for exploring the world of Swans. Follow Steve & Season To Risk for reissue updates @ robotswin.com. We’re @PerformanceAnx on Social Media. So please grab a drink, maybe a snack, & enjoy and/or argue with this episode.

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