February 12, 2020

Chris Maxwell (Skeleton Key)

This week’s guest is Chris Maxwell. He’s lived more musical lives than most. Starting off on a guitar with no strings, he moved on to the pop band The Gunbunnies. Then moved to NYC and got a job booking acts for the famous club, The Knitting Factory. From there he joined the alternative scene with the band Skeleton Key. After one, critically acclaimed album, he moved on to the world of TV music, recording themes for Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, & Bob’s Burgers, among others. He’s back to writing music for himself and has a new album out soon. But he’s not your typical singer-songwriter. So check out New Store Number 2. Follow GoatHouse Studios on social media. Follow us @performanceanx. Subscribe, rate, review, share, and get a load of Chris Maxwell!

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