February 21, 2020

Fynn Grabke (The Picturebooks)

Fynn Grabke, one half of The Picturebooks, joins us on this episode of Performance Anxiety.  They’re a badass rock band with the badass stories to go with it. Fynn toured with his dad as a kid as he opened for Bon Jovi. This was before his dad was the victim of a hit & run in the California high desert (he survived).He also discusses how his panic attacks have influenced his songwriting and how boundaries increase creativity. Oh yeah, there’s also the times he ate vegan pizza with Sting in Oslo and got shot in an Albuquerque drive by. I’m a fan and Chrissie Hynde is a fan (so much so that she appears on the new album). Give them a shot & you’ll be a fan, too. Follow The Picturebooks on social media. Follow us @performanceanx. Now let’s hit the road with Fynn Grabke of The Picturebooks.

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