January 17, 2020

hackedepicciotto (Alexander Hacke, Danielle de Picciotto)

This week we feature the group Hackedepicciotto. If that sounds familiar, it could be for a few reasons. Danielle dePicciotto was a guest on an earlier show. Or maybe you recognize Alexander Hacke, from Einstruzende Neubauten (I apologize to Alexander & Danielle for STILL not pronouncing that very well). We cover a lot of ground in this show, just like Alex & Danielle do in their daily lives; they’re literal nomads. They both have extensive, distinguished careers in music & art. So how did Nick Cave bring them together? What do Portishead & Beyonce mean to them? More importantly, how is their new album, The Current, a bit different from their previous work. Follow them @hackedepicciotto on social media. Follow us @PerformanceAnx. Subscribe, rate, review, share. You know you wanna. Now let’s get a little crazy with hackedepicciotto.

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