May 18, 2020

Side Projects: COVID-19

This show is different from anything I’ve done before. I reached out to several former guests of the podcast and asked if they would be willing to talk for just a few minutes about how COVID-19 has affected their professions. I’m joined by people from a wide variety of creative careers.

There’s guitarist Buck Curran, who lives at the European epicenter of the virus, Bergamo, Italy. I’m also joined by Miki Berenyi and Moose McKillop of Lush, Moose, and Piroshka; Chef Celina Tio of Top Chef, Iron Chef America & her restaurant, The Belfry; Gaby Alter who writes musical theater; Allen Epley of The Life and Times and The Blue Man Group; Leon McKenzie of SureSports; Writer & guitarist for The Lilacs, Ken Kurson; and road veteran, singer/songwriter/guitarist Morgan Geer. I’d like to thank them all for giving me more of their time and for their candor. We start off with Buck Curran from Bergamo, Italy.

Intro and Interstitial music by Buck Curran. Exit music by Drunken Prayer

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