February 25, 2020

Side Projects: Music & Bourbon with Chef Celina Tio

This episode of Side Projects welcomes back Chef Celina Tio. After her first appearance on the show, we got to talking. Her restaurant, The Belfry in Kansas City, has over 200 different bourbons. So I tossed her the idea of pairing music to bourbon. If I was going to sit back and listen to, oh I don’t know, Vast Robot Armies let’s say, what bourbon would I want to sip with that style of music? So we put together a playlist on Spotify and Chef Tio picked songs to pair. This is the first in what should be a series of music and alcohol pairings. So sit back, open your ears and your palettes, and enjoy Chef Celina Tio’s music & bourbon pairings. Intro & Outro by Vast Robot Armies

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