December 20, 2019

Michael Gira (Swans)

This week I speak with a legend. He would probably disagree with me, though. Michael Gira of Swans freezes his butt off to join me this week. And we discuss a lot of stuff. He’s not one for looking back, but he did open up about running away and being sent to an Israeli prison as a teen, finding his way to New York to be a part of the No-Wave scene, and a Swans guitarist who’s been missing since the mid-80’s. He tells me about who plays on the Swans new album, Leaving Meaning, and some great insight into the recording process. We pack a lot into a short episode including what the next tour will look and sound like. Follow Swans on social media to learn about tour dates. Follow us @PerformanceAnx on Twitter & IG. Merch is at Let chat with Michael Gira of Swans.

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