December 29, 2019

Side Projects: An Introduction To Swans

This episode of Side Projects is my Introduction to the band Swans. Founder Michael Gira was recently a guest and I did my first deep dive into the band for that show. But with the amount of material in their catalog, there was no way to absorb everything in enough time for that interview. It was a bit intimidating. That’s why I asked Steve Tulipana from Season To Risk to join me. He’s been a fan since the 80’s. Now neither of us claims to be a Michael Gira or Swans expert. This is all about jumping off points. Steve gives me some suggestions of albums to start with, starting points for exploring the world of Swans. Follow Steve & Season To Risk for reissue updates @ We’re @PerformanceAnx on Social Media. So please grab a drink, maybe a snack, & enjoy and/or argue with this episode.

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